Extra Curricular

Our Club Activities

We offer the long course students 5 choices of club activities covering all of the children’s areas of development, social, emotional, cognitive and physical. Children can choose to participate in 3~5 activities per week. The choice of activities can only be made once a semester.

fit_cubsFit cubs

These club activities focus on the physical development of the children mainly enhancing their gross motor skills. Most activities are conducted by an English teacher in the gym and can vary from soccer and basketball to dodge ball and rock climbing etc.

artsy_penguinsArtsy penguins

The artsy penguins club features activities that require creativity and the use of imagination such as arts and crafts projects, Lego, drawing etc. Children will have a chance to further improve their fine motor skills.

star_pupsStar pups

The Star pups club activities encourage the children to use their voice and body to express themselves more confidently and to work together as an ensemble. Activities such as acting, dancing, singing and miming improve the social and emotional skills of the children as well as their problem-solving skills.

brainy_kittensBrainy kittens

The Brainy kittens activities aim to develop the children’s problem-solving and analytical skills through science and math. They are activities that encourage the children’s natural sense of curiosity and love for discovery. They also promote collaboration and teamwork.

rhyming_birdiesThe Rhyming birdies

The Rhyming birdies club aims to enhance the foundation of English literacy, reading and writing, by engaging the children in activities that focus on rhymes and wordplay through poem reading and story telling followed by group discussion.

NOTE: Please note that the club activities are only available for the long course students and only for the short course students whose parents request a time extension due to lateness or an emergency.
To learn about the time extension fees that apply in such circumstances, please inquire here Aiwin staff.


All 4 Kids Programs

Activity Purpose Content Age
To create for the children a warm and fun environment in which they can get to know and use English.
  • Arts and crafts: The children learn English through hands-on activities when they co-work with both their teachers and peers to complete monthly projects.
  • Singing & dancing: The children listen to fun songs, and then are taught how to sing them and dance to them. That is always a sure way to motivate the children as well as to improve their vocabulary and listening skills.
  • Fun games: The children play fun games during which they’re taught the target language. The teacher encourages the children to speak English in a pressure-free environment.
3-6 years
baby-boy-iconBaby Class To provide the babies with early exposure to the English language and prepare them for future English Education.
  • Let’s Speak Parentese: It’s how we speak with babies in English using sing-song speech, and exaggerated facial expressions. Research shows it’s the best way for the children to learn the language.
  • Let’s Have Fun Listening: It’s all babies do, and it’s a must for your baby’s language development. Listening to a dog’s barking or the ocean waves, short poems, nursery rhymes and finger play songs will be great ear training for your baby.
  • Let’s Use Body Language: Help your baby build his/her vocabulary and communicate more clearly using body language. Your child will find it easier to remember the word “hungry” when he sees the same gesture made with it.
  • Let’s Play: It’s what motivates your baby to communicate. Playing gives your baby a reason to listen and speak. Short games and activities will keep your baby interested and hooked, hence learning.
Unborn to 18 months old


Mommy’s class

Learn to sing a song or read a story for your child without a trace of Japanese accent.
Once a week 9:00~10:00
Only available for Aiwin students’ mothers.