Our Facility


Our Classrooms & Learning Centers For Resourceful Learning


All our classrooms contain a fun variety of learning centers and resources which the homeroom teacher plans and uses throughout the year based on the children’s interests and areas of weakness and strength. Dramatic play center, blocks and manipulative center, reading and listening center, arts and crafts center are just a few examples of how we help the children to enjoy learning and develop through purposeful play.

Our Library For Literacy Learning


Aiwin believes that strong literacy skills are key to academic and professional success. Therefore, our school provides a library containing over 500 books as well as a great collection nursery rhymes and children songs. The library resources support both parents and staff as they work together to reinforce the reading and writing skills of the children.

Our Gym & Playground For Physical Learning


Aiwin also supports the notion that the benefits of physical activity extend well beyond physical health, having a positive impact on the domains of motor skills, psychological well-being, cognitive development, social competence and emotional maturity. The children have ample of rooms for physical development both indoor at the gym or outdoor on the playground.

Our Cooking Studio For Hands-on Learning


It is our opinion that children need time to explore and learn through observation not only through worksheets. Our modern kitchen features a cooking studio for the children to work collaboratively with their teachers and peers on cooking projects. Children learn a great deal about math and science and improve their social skills dramatically in cooking projects.

Our Security System (secom) & Nap Room For Safe & Comfortable Learning

Children’s safety and comfort come first at Aiwin. All of our classrooms as well as entrance and playground are equipped with security cameras and connected to an internal monitoring television constantly observed by our staff. Also, for sanitary purposes, we do not use the classrooms for napping, we have a traditional Japanese-style room carpeted with waterproof Tatami that can accommodate up to 18 cots and children.