Our Staff


darlin pic profile Name: Darlin Caroline Okada
Role: Head Teacher / School Manager
Experience: 9 years as a Licensed Teacher in Early Childhood Education, Elementary andSecondary levels; 2 years as Curriculum Coordinator; 4 years as Medical English Instructor for Health Care Professionals;Registered Nurse in the Philippines and New York
Level of Academic Achievement: Bachelors of Science in Human Ecology major in Family and Child Development;Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Hobbies: baking, cooking, playing the guitar, flower arrangement, travelling with my family

Welcome to Aiwin International School where we provide a structured and purposeful English learning environment that allows our children to develop fundamental skills, compassion and confidence into becoming globally responsible citizens. I am very proud to be a part of and lead our professional and talented teachers and staff who dedicate themselves in helping our young learners achieve their fullest potential.
My profession gave me an opportunity to teach and be trained in various educational institutions where I saw how teaching methodologies and school policies could work well together to fulfill the student’s learning needs. It also gave me a deeper understanding of how important it is to consider parents and caregivers as active participants in their child’s education and care. Strengthening the connection between home and school ensures a child’s success not only in school but also later on in facing bigger challenges in life. I believe that creating a balance among education, care and governance gives our children the best and most memorable educational experience.
I would like to see our school become even more remarkable, with professional teachers and supportive parents on board, in molding learners that develop a love for learning and who truly embody excellence. Thank you for choosing Aiwin. Our doors are always open to welcome you.

Teaching staff

Kindy Class

anthony profile pic Name: Anthony Faulkner
Role: Homeroom Teacher
Experience: 11 years teaching children (0-12 years old) in Japan at international schools and Japanese kindergartens.
Level of Academic Achievement: Bachelor of Arts in International Studies with a minor in Asian Studies from Virginia Tech
Hobbies: Playing with my daughter, travelling, watching movies, cooking, and eating super spicy food

Hello everyone! Nice to meet you. My name is Anthony Faulkner and I am from Virginia in the United States.I have been living in Japan and teaching children for the past 11 years since I graduated from university.
I have worked at international schools, language schools, Japanese kindergartens, and university.I am very excited to be joining such a strong teaching team at Aiwin this year.
I have a very strong passion to teach children and ensure they have wonderful memories of school before they continue their studies in the future.
Learning English can be difficult but I will work hard to make sure that the students enjoy school every day while encouraging them to learn about many different subjects through various fun activities, games, songs, and dances. Also,I really enjoy art and I hope to share this enthusiasm with the students so that they can fully express their artistic abilities throughout the year.
It is my goal to help every student reach and exceed their potential while learning English in a safe, friendly, and inspiring environment.Let’s have a great time together this year and have fun learning English every day!

Junior Kindy Class

“amanda Name: Amanda Skwirut
Role: Homeroom Teacher
Level of Academic Achievement: Over 10 years of teaching experience in both
public andprivate schools in America, Education Program Coordinator at Walt Disney
World, andalmost two years of teaching experience in Osaka. Master of Arts in Teaching
with an Endorsement for English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and a
Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration both from the University of South Florida.
Hobbies: Yoga, cooking, and traveling.

Hello! My name is Ms. Amanda and I truly enjoy inspiring children of all ages in unique learning environments. My flexible personality, and creative, real-world approach to education provided me opportunities to teach children from all over the world at different stages of language acquisition.As an educator with experience in some very unique and non-traditional classrooms, one of the most important aspects for me as a teacher is creating personal connections with my diverse students and their families. These personal connections then allow me to create personalized curriculum that fosters a respect towards international cultures.
The learning environment in my classroom is very active and positive as I continually acknowledge and celebrate each child’s personal and academic success throughout the school year.Although success is greatly important for children to experience, I also create a supportive learning environment where children feel safe to make mistakes and have opportunities to learn from those mistakes. As second language learners, this important aspect of a child’s learning environment creates a learning community which fosters genuine care and respect for each other. I look forward to growing and learning with your child and providing your child with an individualized, meaningful, and memorable learning experience at Aiwin!

Preschool Class

“tiarsa Name: Tiarsa McDowell
Role: Homeroom Teacher
Experience: hree years as a homeroom elementary school teacher as a Licensed Teacher in Florida, USA and one year teaching English to various age groups in Japan
Level of Academic achievement: Bachelors in Elementary Education; ESOL Certified, Reading Endorsed (K-12)
Hobbies: Eating , traveling, going to the beach, yoga, listening to podcasts

Hello! My name is Tiarsa, and I’m from the U.S. I taught elementary students in the U.S. for three years before moving to Japan where I taught an additional year. Now, I am looking forward to bringing my experience and joy of teaching to the students and families of Aiwin!
In the U.S., I taught students from various backgrounds, including students learning English as their second language. I plan to use a combination of teaching methodologies to increase academic performance as well as nurture the whole child. I want to make learning fun and engaging for students and also support students’ socio-emotional needs. Overall, my goal is to build independent, happy, lifelong learners!

Nursery Class1

alexandra profile pic Name: Alexandra Butanescu
Role: Homeroom Teacher
Experience: 4 years of teaching experience at international schools and conversation schools in both Japan and China
Level of Academic achievement: Bachelor’s in English Language and Literature, Bucharest University, Romania, Europe
Hobbies: Traveling, Watching Disney Movies, Swimming, Tennis, Yoga

Hello everyone!
My name is Alexandra, but you can call me Alex.
I enjoy teaching kindergarten students because they are the future!
Working with the little ones has always been my passion and helping them grow has always been my goal.I began working in preschools in China, where I lived for 2 years. In 2016 I moved to Japan and started a new life here, working as an English conversation school teacher.With my active attitude, I want to make the English classes fun for the students and show them that learning a language can be both entertaining and rewarding.

nozomi pic profile Name: Nozomi Sugihara
Role: Assistant Homeroom Teacher
Experience: 3 years teaching at Nursery school, 1 year teaching at a kindergarten and
nursery school as a temporary teacher, 2 years study abroad in Australia
Level of Academic achievement: Childcare qualification, Kindergarten teacher qualification, Recreation instructor license
Hobbies:watching movies, listening to music, cafe hopping, traveling

Hello nice to meet you. My name is Nozomi Sugihara. After having worked at a Nursery School in Japan for 3 years, I then studied abroad in Australia for 2 years.
In Australia, I worked as a live₋in nanny and volunteered at a primary school. Through these experiences, I have learned about the differences and qualities of both Japan’s and Australia’s child care systems. My experiences have broadened my view of the world.
At AIWIN I will do my best to facilitate the student’s growth through various fun and engaging experiences.

Nursery Class2

emmanuel profile pic Name: Emmanuel Picaut
Role: Homeroom Teacher
Experience: 3 years teaching in Kindergartens in Japan; taught French in England as Assistant Language Teacher
Level of Academic Achievement: Masters in International Marketing and Management and Degree in Foreign Applied Languages
Hobbies: swimming. travelling, blogging

Hello my name is Emmanuel and I’m from France.
I’ve always been interested in learning foreign languages. So I decided to study them and eventually go live abroad to experience what was life like elsewhere. Consequently, I lived in the U.K, in Italy, Mexico, Kenya and now in Japan ! Experiencing diverse lifestyles helped me understand people better and improve my personality.
Besides French and English, I can speak Italian and I am currently learning Japanese on my own hoping to become fluent one day.
As a teacher, I taught French to English students aged between 10 to 18 in England as an ALT. I prepared my own lessons for each classes to instruct them about both language and culture.
I started to teach English in kindergartens in Japan 3 years ago and it’s a job I really like to do. I taught kids aged 1 to 10 (mostly aged 2 to 4) basic English, art, number & alphabet and more. Creating fun lessons and activities is something I became good at. And Japanese students are the best audience ! As the main teacher in Japan I learned more about patience and different ways to manage the kids by working at different schools where classes and pupils had varied english abilities. That was an interesting challenge for me.
My goal as a kindergarten teacher is to allow kids to have fun while learning. I’m keen to take them to a good conversional English level and work on their the confidence, the knowledge and the tools to become independent and creative youth in the future. My motto is: Knowledge is power !See you at school!

“shimizu Name: Kumiko Shimizu
Role: Assistant Homeroom Teacher
Experience: 6 years as a Kindergarten teacher , 6 months as a Nursery Teacher
Qualifications: Childcare qualification, Kindergarten teacher qualification, Eiken Level 2 Passer,
Hobbies: Reading, Yoga, Collecting the Akabane

Nice to meet you, I am Kumiko Shimizu. I have a 19 year old daughter and a 16 year old son.
After experiencing kindergarten for 6 years, I spent my time taking care of my family and rearing my children. While experiencing various jobs, I strongly felt the importance of using English through daily practice and, not only in the classroom or workplace.Being a member of this school, I am delighted for the opportunity to help your child with the knowledge and experience I have in child care.

Early Nursery Class

“robie Name: Robie Rizza Ukawa
Role: Homeroom teacher
Experience:Teaching english experience in Philippines
Level of Academic Achievement: Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Ateneo de Davao University
Hobbies: watching movies, baking, dancing and singing

Hello, nice to meet you everyone!
I am Robie Rizza Ukawa.
I have a 7-year-old daughter and a 4-year-old son. I personally believed that we will never know the feeling of a mother unless we become one.
When I became a mother I have learned how to be patient and be creative.
As a mother we are not just raising our child but we are raising someone that will soon to be citizen of the world.Now as part of Aiwin I will do my very best to shape and mold these children into responsible adult. Nurture them so they’ll grow beautiful like butterflies ready to spread their wings and explore the world.

shizuka profile pic Name: Shizuka Oyabu
Role: Nursery Coordinator
Experience: 6 years teaching Nursery aged children, 1 year study abroad in Australia 
Hobbies: Watching movies, Hot yoga, Shopping, Going to the beach.

Hello nice to meet you. My name is Shizuka Oyabu. After working as a nursery teacher in Japan, I studied abroad in Australia. I really like working with kids and English, so I volunteered at a kindergarten while living in Australia.I am so glad I got to experience living in another country because I was able to have many conversations with people from various countries and walks of life in English.At Aiwin, I will provide a lot of fun activities for the children and I will help the children to grow up to be independent with a sense of their own identity. 

“takahashi Name: Yohei Takahashi
Role: Sports instructor
Experience: Infant physical education instructor, Outdoor sports
(football) instructor, Year 8 instructor for ski snowboard and skating
Qualification: Junior Sports Instructor Football C Grade
Hobbies: Outdoor sports, travelling

Everyone, nice to meet you. I am Mr. Yohei Takahashi (Takahashi Yohei)
who is in charge of physical education. When I was in eighth year, I
started physical education for young children.
During the past 8 years I have been involved with 100 kindergarten
kindergartens / nursery school / certified children’s children.
I haveexperienced all kinds of sports so far.
It is a pleasure to be able to learn to move my body through sports
and to enjoy team work with my colleagues. I dedicate myself everyday
with a wish to have fun learning experiences for children through sports.
I also believe that you can also acquire social skills while keeping rules through play.
I appreciate to have the chance to teach young children.
I will be involved every day, feeling happy to meet my students.
I hope parents warmly watch over the growth of children. Thank you very much.

“telge Name: Caroline Telge
Role: Music Instructor
Experience: 5 years as a Music Together Program Licensed Center Director and Teacher; Certified Choir Director
Level of Achievement: Diploma an Applied Cultural Studies from University of Hildesheim in Germany, Musical Training (clarinet and piano) in Dr. Hoch’s Observatory in Germany and Italy
Hobbies: watching movies, learning Japanese, reading and listening to music.

My name is Caroline Telge. Originally, I am from Germany. I grew up in Bad Nauheim, which
is close to Frankfurt am Main. I am very excited to start working as a music teacher at Aiwin International School!
I am a mother oft wo and have played music all my life. My first instrument was the clarinet and I studied clarinet and piano at Dr. Hoch’s Conservatory in Frankfurt a.M., Germany and Music, Literature, Politics and Culture Management in Hildesheim, Germany. I have a Diploma Degree in Cultural Studies.
Since 2008 I am a certified Music Together Teacher and I have taught Early Childhood Music
Classes at my Music Together Center „Bubos Klangkiste“ in Leipzig, Germany. I really love
playing music with children and I am inspired of their creativity.
The main goal of my music class will be the achievement of tonal and rhythm competence,
what we in Music Together call: basic music competence. In a rich, nurturing music
environment all children can achieve basic music competence.
I am looking forward very much to provide my students with this environment and to
introduce them the joys of making music!


yasuko profile pic Name: Yasuko Takada
Role: Administrator
Experience: 5 years Administrator for Nursery & Elementary School- 10 years teaching
Level of Academic achievement: 1st level Kindergarten teacher license, 1st level Elementary School teacher license & 1st level Secretary Certification
Hobbies: Eating out at restaurants & going to visit shrines and temples
yasuko profile pic Name: Arisa Minematsu
Role: Administrator
Level of Academic achievement: Japanese Literature course Graduate,
Licensed Medical Aroma Therapist
Hobbies: Yoga, Traveling, & Piano