Teaching Methodology


Smart Curriculum

Children do not learn like teenagers or adults. They do not pack knowledge into boxes with labels on them. They process knowledge as a whole. They learn through hands-on experience. Your child could be listening to a nursery rhyme called “Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed”, while studying language arts, phonics, math (five monkeys, 4 monkeys etc), physics (why do we bounce when we jump on the bed?), PE (hopping up and down), music etc.

Organic Learning

It’s not about us or what WE want to teach. It’s about them and what THEY want to learn. That is their journey, not ours. Children don’t like “processed” learning, they like “organic” learning. “Processed” learning doesn’t take into consideration the children’s social and cultural background while “organic” is derived from themes or topics relevant to their lives. It stimulates the children’s natural curiosity about themselves and the world around them.

Interesting Teaching

We make teaching interesting through play. Children learn best while having fun. Play is very important for the children’s social skills, intelligence, physical coordination, and lifelong coping mechanisms. That’s why, at Aiwin, play is a serious business. Children do not need a Mr know-it-all teacher, but rather a nurturing, caring and most importantly play-pal teacher who can be that friend who pretends to know just a little bit more, enough to stimulate their thoughts and help them to find what they are seeking on their own.

Lasting English Literacy

Most English kindergartens teach phonics without sound awareness training. That is the reason children eventually forget English few years down the road. The children need to be aware of how the English sounds work and how they come together to make syllables and words. Each sound can change the meaning of a word. We teach the sound structure of English before introducing the letters as that is the key to a long-lasting foundation in reading and writing. We also offer expert training to our teachers.