April 2022 Monthly Highlights Junior Kindy (M)

Kindy Monthly Highlights -- Mikuni Campus

April 2022


About Me

We learned about what makes us similar and different from each other, what makes us unique, and what the functions of the different organs and body parts are.


Understanding the functions of the body


What do I like about my body? What makes me unique? What are the letters in my name? What makes me special?
What is inside my body?
What do I like about my body? I like my… because
What makes people different and similar?

Upcoming Events: 

May 3-5th National Holiday

May 6th- Mother's Day

May 10th- Assumption School Orientation

MAy 16-20th- Rainbow Week

May 24th-Kandai School Orientation

May 26-Evacuation Drill

May 30th- Coffee Meeting

May 31-Hibarigaoka School Orientation/Medical Check-Up



For PA we went over two Decodable Books, #25 and #26. First, we learned about Ww, the sound it makes and 3 letter words that use W. Then, we learned two word families, -AP and -AT family. They practiced telling the sounds apart from each other, reading the family words, putting letters together to make words, and writing them as well. Then, we started the letter Jj. They focused on letter recognition, sound recognition, and word blending. 

The songs we used for PA time are as follows:

-AP Family

-AT Family

-The Letter Jj

Friends also started using Headsprout. They are still getting the feel of the app, but everyone is very excited to receive the stars at the end of the lessons. Feel free to use the app at home at your leisure. 


This month we focused on number recognition from 1-10, ordinal numbers, and the two dimensional shapes. They practiced writing the numbers during learning centers. For ordinal numbers, friends practiced ordering friends during games like who is 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Also, they are practicing using ordinal numbers every day during calendar time. For two dimensional shapes, they discussed how many sides each shape has and what makes them different. 


The first craft we did was based on the numbers in their name. Friends had to cut and write the letters of their name to make a flower. We also did a lungs craft to show how they blood gets oxygenated in the body. They made an Easter craft using paint and drawing skills. For Earth Day, they made a Happy Earth Day craft with their hand prints. 

Cooking Class 

The ingredient of the month is sweet potato. They learned about how sweet potatoes grow, what colors they can be, and what taste and texture they are. For cooking class they practiced mashing, cutting, peeling and mixing to make a Sweet Potato Parfait


This month we had many events. For Easter, friends went on an Easter egg hunt after reading a storybook about the holiday. They made an egg basket craft and a basket for the egg hunt shaped like a bunny. For Earth Day, friends made a pledge to keeping the Earth safe by putting their hand print and goal on the Earth poster. Also, they learned the importance of saving water,turning off the lights and recycling. At our Earth Day Assembly, JK friends presented what they made using recycled materials.

Japanese Class

Friends are learning how to write in Hiragana and how to write their name. The Book for this month is 一寸法師. They are practicing reading the book and kanji recognition. The song of the month is ちょうちょう.

Next Theme: 

My Family and I

In this unit we will answer the questions:

What makes a family? Who do I call my family?
What makes families different?
Where did your family come from?
What are traditions in my family?


Understand the similarities and differences in our family. Learn what makes our family unique.