Cambridge English Benchmark Assessment

Mikuni campus recently held their Cambridge English Assessment for Kindy classes. This is the first time that Kindy students experienced sitting for a formal test and we are proud of how well they did! Sitting for a two hour exam was not easy, especially if you have to do all Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking Test in one test. But our students came out of the testing room with big smiles in their faces saying "It's easy!", looking proud and confident of what they just accomplished. The goal of this benchmark test is to allow our students to have a feel of taking tests, learn the rules and the routine. Test taking skills and strategies are practiced for students to sit confidently for any test. 




Toyonaka campus will be having their Benchmark test tomorrow and we cant wait to hear about their experience! 


To find out more how our students benefit from Cambridge English Assessment and other Core Learning Programs in Aiwin, contact us through the Inquiry link below.