Christmas in Mikuni 2020

Christmas Party was held in Mikuni campus last week and it turned to be a memorable event for students, parents and even teachers.

Each class had the chance to show their Christmas song and dance while wearing the costumes that they made together in class. Parents showed an overwhelming support from preparations to the actual event. 






Our Music Specialist Teacher, Ms. Katsura, lead our students during their Music Class performances where they used different musical instruments such as pianica, castanets and. bells. Students confidence have grown so much and it showed how much they have learned their rhythm, harmonies, notes and beats.




The event was made extra special with a video message created by our students for their parents. Students made their parents their Christmas cards with a drawing of what they want to give their parents for Christmas. Some presents were popular among students like car, spiderman, house while others interesting like lipstick and sunglasses. 



Click on the video here



It was also the last day of Ms. Tamae, a wonderful teacher from Nursery class who will be taking her time off to from teaching as she becomes a new mom. Nursery students had the chance to express their appreciation of her dedication and care for everyone in Aiwin. We will truly miss her!



The final part of the event was truly special when Santa came to greet students one by one and give them their presents. Students are always excited to meet Aiwin Santa every Christmas Party and this year students were all very  happy he could visit us again! 



From all of us in Aiwin, we wish you all a joyous, peaceful, and hopeful holidays!