Cooking Class

Kindy and Preschool cooking class talked about how nutritious and delicious radishes are. They made Radish and cucumber UFO salad to go with our Solar System thematic unit this semester. 












Did you know that:

Daikon has many health benefits like improving digestion and blood circulation. It also contains 97% water aside from its many vitamins and minerals. 

The word “radish” means “root,” comes from the Latin “radix.”

The world’s heaviest radish was grown by Manabu Oono (Japan) and weighed 31.1 kg (68 lb 9 oz) on 9 February 2003 at the Sakurajima Radish Contest, Kagoshima, Japan. It had a circumference of 119 cm (46.8 in).

These are just some of the facts that students learn through our monthly cooking class. And yes students get to eat them as well!