Rainbow Week Started!

This Monday in Aiwin International School Toyonaka the Rainbow Week has started. The aim of activities' plan is discovering and appreciating colors through science.

On Monday we learned what colors the rainbow consists off, where to find rainbows and how to catch them. Did you know that you can direct the light on a CD disk and the rainbow will appear on the wall? Aiwin students now know a lot of ways how to create a rainbow. Although it was rainy outside, inside Aiwin school was shining with different colors.

On Tuesday, we explored how to mix the colors in order to get all 7 colors of  rainbow. What 2 colors should we mix in order to receive green? Blue and Yellow. And what colors should we mix to get violet? Do you know? Young learners used squeeze bottles while upper levels used pendulum paint bottles to mix their colors and learned simple concepts of physics. 

Enjoy our pictures and come to explore rainbow with us on free trial lessons until Friday. Contact us for more details.