Employment Opportunities 雇用機会: 保育士

Aiwin International School welcomes outstanding and highly motivated Japanese licensed early years educators for its continuing expansion for this school year and the next. 

We have an excellent team of teachers and administrative staff working collaboratively in a warm family atmosphere. Our facilities are bright and spacious designed with students' and teachers' comfort in mind. Our employment package supports personal and professional growth. Some of our employee benefits include:


  • Weekdays work only (Saturdays and Sundays are non-working days) 平日のみの勤務(土日祝日はお休みです)

  • No required overtime work (The latest working shift ends at 18:00) 残業なし(勤務終了時間は18:00です)
  • Professional teacher training internally and externally, minimum of 3 times per yea r職員研修は年間3回あります
  • Enrollment benefits offered for child enrollment ご自身のお子さまが入園される場合は社員割引があります
  • Structure for salary increase 昇給制度あり
  • Opportunities to acquire skills for teaching international standards of the curriculum in a multilingual environment 多言語環境で国際基準のカリキュラムを教えるスキルを身に付ける機会があります


We are seeking candidates who can guide our international-minded learners by: グローバルな視野を持って一緒に働いてくださる方を募集しています。

  • providing class management support and feedback to native homeroom teachers 外国人担任教師にクラスマネジメントのサーポトやフィードバックを提供します。

  • guide students in gaining practical life skills 子どもたちへ生活指導 

  • communicate student growth and development to parents and the school お子さまの成長を一緒に喜び、保護者の方へ伝えていただきます

  • promote Japanese culture and language development through Japanese language programs and events 日本語や日本の文化についてイベントを通じて子どもたちに伝えていただきます


*Qualified applicants MUST possess certification as a Japanese licensed early years educator *保育士資格は必須です。

*English abilities are beneficial but not required upon application. We seek teachers who are interested to grow their communication skills. 


Employment Package:雇用条件パッケージ

  1. Full time and Part time positions are open 


  1. Permanent employment offered in certain conditions with corresponding salary increase


  1. Work shift may run from 8:00 to 18:00 (maximum of 8 working hours per day for full time, lesser working hours available for part time)


  1. Paid holidays


  1. Social insurance and health insurance coverage


  1. Competitive salary with transportation expense support


All candidates considering employment in our school are encouraged to contact us below 


《Inquiries by phone》お問合せ先

06-6845-3010 (Contact: Ms. Yuki Kinoshita) 担当:木下(キノシタ)

Weekdays 9:00-18:00 平日 9:00-18:00


You may also email us your resume to 履歴書送付先

MIKUNI Campus 三国校

TOYONAKA Campus 豊中校