Kindy Class of 2021 Graduation Day | Toyonaka Campus

2021 was a very busy year for Aiwin Toyonaka. We opened up many classes and saw many new faces join us over the course of the year. Among those faces some of the most memorable were those of our kindy class.

We worked very hard through the year, and tried our best in the games we played, the answers we found and the friends we made. All this culminated in Toyonaka schools first graduation event.

A small and intimate affair held at the school, we were joined by our parents and siblings to celebrate our well earned promotions to elementary school. With maturity and composure befitting the growth they made over the year, our graduates were staged in front of their proud parents and schoolmates alike.

Preschool, who flanked our graduates, started off by singing ‘It's a beautiful day’ to wish our Kindy class well on their new journeys. This was followed by the Kindy class singing a song of their own song, ‘A million dreams’; a song that carries a strong feeling of joy and triumph in its melody and lyrics.

Kindy class had also prepared a surprise for their parents. Noticing how impressed their moms and dads were at the christmas pianica recital, they practiced hard for the next event. A reciatal of ‘Ode to Joy’, which was followed by a brief speech of their future aspirations, served to express their hopes and dreams for the future. Needless to say, not a dry eye was left in the room, as the bittersweet realization of how fleeting our time together was.

The main event was next. All the students received, in turn, their diplomas as well as their awards for the achievements they had earned throughout the year. Kindy returned to their parents with flowers and smiling faces. The flowers were specially chosen so as to say ‘thank you’ to their parents, the ones without whom all of this would not be possible.

Our penultimate event was the viewing of a short video, where we looked back at all the events, work and fun we enjoyed over the past year. Even the Kindy class parents contributed photos from their life before coming to Aiwin. They even included short video clips, wishing their children well.

Finally, with our even having come to a close, we said our farewells to one another, and Kindy left in a flurry of confetti, thrown from all sides by preschool class, celebrating not only our advancement and growth, but our time together as well.

Four flowers, one planted by each of our friends from Kindy class, remain behind. Each day they are watered by the teachers and the students who remain. Those who are now in junior kindy care for the flowers and remember fondly the time they had together. While those younger students who never really knew the Kindy class care for the flowers an important event passed through our halls, leaving behind a memory, a duty, and a vague sense that one day their turn to walk out the doors shall soon arrive


Mr. Riaan Van Der Walt 

Kindy Homeroom Teacher