Nursery [Monthly Highlights] July 2022 [M]

 Nursery Monthly Highlights 

- Mikuni Campus -


Upcoming Events

Summer School - August 1 - 4 

International Festival - August 5

Professional Development Day  - August 6

Obon School - August 8 - 10

National Holiday - August 11

Evacuation Drill - August 23

Coffee Meeting - August 26


Class Reminders: Parents are advised to communicate with the homeroom teacher and hoikushi if they want their kids to start doing toilet training at school. Also please make sure to have your kids to bring small plastics bags for pee accidents.

This month we learned about …

Theme: Our Five Senses

Key Questions:

  • What is ‘Five Senses’?
  • What is my five senses and their functions?
  • How can i take care of my five senses?

This month we learned different body parts that are mainly responsible for each basic senses. We had activities that showcase each functions like finding particular things inside the classroom based on their colors or sniffing out a piece of paper and try to guess the smell and where it came from. We also sang several songs that let us control the volume of our voices as part of their learning when it comes to following instructions as well.


-Phonological Awareness-

Though we still learning phonics on na daily basis and focus on each letter per week, for this month we started doing flashcards to train their image recognition and also to have them get used to seeing the letters that corresponds each picture. We’re are still in the process on making them memorize how each letters look like and its sounds to prepare them on reading three letter words at the very least. 



This month we learned about different kinds of shapes up until diamond and star. Most of the crafts we did this month was also related to shapes so they can be aware of each shapes and its name while creating something out of the given shapes cutouts. We also include in our circle time listening to shapes song while looking for things inside the classroom that has similar shapes.


-Arts and Craft-

Superhero themed mask - By using paper plates and painting materials and construction paper we made a mask depending on their hero of choice and gets to wear it and enjoyed being a superhero for a day

Dimorphodon paper mache art - As they used their fingers to ripped several leftover construction papers from our previous crafts to avoid waste and as a training for their fine motor skills as well once finished we put it on our template to form the dinosaur assigned for our class during the first week of summer school.

Basic senses face craft  - Each kid was given a blank face and they get to choose from a variety of choices to form the face they want and label each part as to which one is responsible for each basic senses.

Train shape craft - First we try to distinguish each shape before we try to create a train by just using each shape. They used glue sticks and construction papers to finish it.


-Summer School-

The first two weeks of summer school was on this month and each week we solely focus all our activities and crafts according to it. During the first week we get to know a particular dinosaur named Dimorphodon we learned how it looks like, what it eats and where does it live during the time when it was still roaming then earth. We also a craft about it and displayed it in front of our classroom. On the second week we discussed about superheroes and what makes them superheroes. We also learned that even we don’t have real superheroes we can still be one by doing good things for all the people in need.


-Physical Education-






-Japanese Class-



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