Spring Semester 2019

Dear Aiwin families,   As the very first Principal's blog for this school year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your generous support to our school since Aiwin has started its humble beginnings.
The start of a child's school life is a milestone that is often anticipated with great excitement and joy, but also with lots of crying, uncertainty, and heel digging -- from both children and parents. Indeed, transitioning into a new environment can be a difficult and stressful time for both parents and children. The experience can be overwhelming but we are going past that stage now at at this point in time as children are settling in more and more each day in their classrooms and with their new teachers and friends.
We have made the new school year more exciting and stimulating for Aiwin students by revising our programs like RAZ reading workshops, EC clubs, cooking, and allowing more time for outdoor play.
IMG_8872 IMG_9473
IMG_8547 IMG_8517
We started to introduce our preschoolers to technology, more specifically, computers and tablets, which is important because they have become such an integral part of our society, and continue to be so. The littlest of learners should be exposed to these basic tech skills among many others. We teach children how to handle books, use scissors, stack blocks, hold a pencil, etc., and tech skills shouldn’t be treated any differently. The International Society for Technology in Education recommends that by age 5, children have basic skills in technology operations and concepts that let them explore and learn by doing.Through technology, we are can build stronger home-school connections when parents are given access to their child's learning even at home.
  We are spending a lot of time outdoors, thanks to the beautiful sunny weather in the past few weeks. Playing outside freely is one of the best way to engage in meaningful learning for children. Students can make their own choices and practice decision-making when they are faced with different situations outdoors. They may have bumps or scratches here and there but we are not worried as this is a sign of growing independence and confidence.
IMG_8641 IMG_8636-1 Our EC clubs has been fun with our yoga, music band, board games, dances, japanese club and ICT in the list. Students has their own personal favorites! IMG_8374
This past few weeks we've been cooking up a storm in our cooking studio. Our goal is to make students appreciate food more and expose them to different kinds of food. Along with the basic skills of measuring, scooping, cutting, children are learning how important food are. IMG_9433IMG_8946 IMG_9453
Our past two months was especially made colorful by the different events we have all participated in. The most recent one is our Earthquake Drill, where students learned to "Drop, Cover and Hold" in case of an earthquake. We were able to evacuate the building in 6 minutes and 32 seconds! We are aiming for less than 5 minute evacuation next month. IMG_9624 IMG_9626 IMG_8885-1 IMG_8645-1 There will be other exciting events coming up like Science Week and Field Trip for JK/K. Please watch out for more information in the next couple of days.
I would be happy to update you next with our PE and music classes, as well as the fun activities of Summer School that we are all gearing up to. Hope you all have a wonderful and happy Summer ahead!
  Ms. Darlin School Principal