Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Riaan - Junior Kindy and Kindy Homeroom Teacher

Hello Everyone. I'm Mr. Riaan, and I am the homeroom teacher for both Kindy and Junior Kindy at Aiwin, Toyonaka.

I'm originally from South Africa, where I started my teaching career. I graduated with distinction from the university of South Africa where I earned my teaching qualifications. I have been teaching Kindy level at kindergartens for two years, and this year with Aiwin will be my third.

Kindy and Junior Kindy level is an interesting time for children. They begin to rely more on themselves and the influence of their friends becomes more and more important in their lives. In many ways this is an important transitional phase as children in both Kindy and Junior Kindy move further away from the "toddler" phase of life and closer to a more challenging school life in Primary levels. 



To this end, the focus of my class and lessons is to encourage the development of this independence, while ensuring that the children develop more sophisticated social and communication skills. This time can be tricky for the children, but it is also very fun. I hope to be able to emphasize the fun while assisting them through any difficulties they might have.


Academically, the children are now more able to read and write than in previous years of life. We therefore spend a fair amount of time learning these fundamental skills and practicing them to a reasonable degree of competency. Of course, it is also important to understand the world around us. So we are also learning life skills as well as expanding our general and experiential knowledge. This covers everything from more abstract things, like learning about the colours of the rainbow in class, to getting our hands busy as we strive to understand the lives of bugs. All this and more as well as everything in between.



I hope that through my classroom learning environment, as well as Aiwin philosophy and educational experience, I am able to provide a well rounded and enriching year for all my students.

I look forward to seeing you soon!