Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Jess - Early Nursery Homeroom Teacher


My name is Ms. Jessica. It's my second school year handling Early Nursery, the 1-2 year old class. Early Nursery is a wonderful class because students are starting to become curious about the world around them. It is really a pleasure to watch the little ones develop and grow so quickly!


The Early Nursery class is such an important step to take. We learn to be curious and adventurous while exploring different themes and topics. Our cooking classes make sure to teach us to appreciate each ingredient and their unique qualities like taste, texture and color. Our arts and crafts help us to express our budding creativity and develop our fine motor skills. We also have sensory exploration which exposes us to different smells, textures, and experiences.  Also, we are exploring sounds during Phonological Awareness. This helps us to become aware of how to make different sounds with our mouths and play around with different sounds in words. Our Early Nursery class is constantly evolving and growing our curiousity about our surroundings.  In my experience, this is one of the most rewarding times for friends, teachers, and parents alike. 


Let's all continue to try our best to learn and experience new things each day!