Thanksgiving in Aiwin

To celebrate Thanksgiving, students in both campus have prepared some activities that will encourages students to actively look and appreciate the many wonderful things, people and opportunities that we encounter everyday. 


In Aiwin Mikuni, students created our Thanksgiving Turkey with hand feathers that wrote thank you messages from our students and their families. 




In Aiwin Toyonaka, students and families gathered for their first ever Open Day where everyone had fun making crafts, dancing like a Turkey and having their picnic lunches at the playground.























Learning to be grateful is one of the most important skill that is very challenging for students to achieve everyday. However, research has proved that practicing gratefulness contributes to a positive mindset and healthy well-being which ultimately leads to children's success and happiness not only in school but later on in life. Our teachers and staff in Aiwin models being grateful to our students in different ways everyday at school knowing that through experience, children will learn to be grateful as well.  


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