Toyonaka Campus Monthly Newsletter | November & December 2021

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November & December 2021 

As we celebrate this season of gratitude and giving thanks, I would like to extend a big thank you to our school community for a fantastic fall term together! See the source image

We are truly proud to see how our students have grown amidst interactive learning, play, hands-on, and self-discovery. 

We see students have become more expressive in their words and actions with their teachers and more so with their friends. Most notably, it is truly exciting to see each of them work on their own interests and come out proud of their work each time. Our learning pedagogy encourages children to ask questions to move forward in their comprehension and utilize their knowledge in service of the community.

We’ve had a number of amazing family events throughout this school year that just makes me so honored to be part of our school community. Student engagement reflects how much confidence and knowledge students have grown. Allow me to share with you the highlights of the past weeks as well as what we can expect for the upcoming days ahead. 

See the source imageOn behalf of the teachers and staff in Aiwin, allow me to wish you a joyous and peaceful holiday season with your family. 

We truly are a school community and not a day goes by that we are not as a school celebrating the successes of our students, whether these successes be in the classroom, playing an instrument, or creating friendships. We hope to continue doing so in the much better year ahead. The new-year will bring new learning experiences, new challenges and new fun. I am excited to what lies ahead for us as a school community in 2022.

Let us all remain to be people of hope  and welcome the many possibilities and positive change that the New Year brings. 


Sports Day

On November 28th, Aiwin Toyonaka celebrated our first Sports Day. Students were very excited to take part especially knowing their parents were there to watch and join. Sports teams paraded with their teachers lead by Kindy students who opened the event with their Sports Day pledge. Everyone joined in for a whole school warm up dance. Students from different classes took part in a carousel of sports activities including a family relays, hoops games, tug of war, and many more. The event highlight was the PE circuit obstacle and Junior Kindy and Kindy Gymnastics headed by our PE Specialist teacher Ms. Kanna. With all the parents showing their support and teamwork, students did a fantastic job and fun was had by all.

Cinema Day 

Our students extended their learning about our theme and the holiday season through educational movies. Learning from movies is a great way to practice our students English skills as well. Not only did they practice listening, but also in voicing out their opinion and ideas about the movies during reflection time. 


Aiwin Christmas Party  

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended our annual Winter Concert and  Christmas Parties for all levels. We feel grateful to have this chance to be with our families and friends to celebrate the spirit of sharing and giving.


Baby Lab and First Discovery had their Santa experience along with some Christmas songs, craft and sensory play. It was a first experience of Christmas for some babies and a memorable one with their moms and dads. During Winter Concert, our students from Early Nursery and Nursery prepared their Christmas presentations to their families through their Christmas Carols. We are fortunate to have an amazing Music teacher, Ms. Katsura, who continues to support our student’s creativity and critical-thinking through music. Everyone put out a big effort in showing up on stage and confidently expressing themselves through music. Each student also made a drawing of the present that they want to give to their parents for Christmas and surprised them with video messages. Teachers presented their Christmas dance for our students and their families. The most awaited part is when Santa came to bring us his presents and cheer! It was truly a magical day! We hope that our students continue to grow a heart of kindness not only during Christmas, but all through out the year.

Professional Training Day

Mikuni and Toyonaka faculty and staff met once again for our last Professional Development Day for this school year. Training started with discussions about IB PYP Program and the results of parent surveys. We all gathered our own responses and reflections to the same questions in the parent survey and looked at how it could impact our approaches to education.  We also looked back in our early childhood years and reflected on what we remembered the most in our favorite teacher and why we look up to them.

Another important part of the day was dedicated in talking about how to implement learning stations to support classroom management for differentiated learning. Later in the day, the teachers showed their pair demo lessons in using a particular material for learning stations.

Another important topic tackled was Inquiry-Based Approach to Learning where teachers worked collaboratively in developing their Inquiry Learning Cycle as their basis for the upcoming Science Week. An important aspect of this cycle is making sure that students become active learners who can organize their ideas and utilize what they learned.  


Thematic Exploration:  Earth, Our Home-  Mother Nature & The Wide Blue Sea 

During November and December, students were able to explore different aspects of Earth through Mother Nature. This was great time to get our students outdoors and exploring 

November Theme's Focus (Mother Nature)

This month our learning will get deeper as we focus on the oceans of the world and what lies within them.

Key questions and central ideas will allow students to: 

    • Learn about the seasons and how nature changes around us

    • Explore different animal life cycles 

    • Learn about the different resources in nature and how we use them on a daily basis. 
    • Understand how valuable to Earth is to us and how we can protect it. 

December Theme's Focus ( The Wide Blue Sea)

This month our learning will get deeper as we focus on the oceans of the world and what lies within them.

Key questions and central ideas will allow students to: 

    •  Learn about the many different plants and sea animals that live in the ocean.

    • Explore different parts of the ocean and its inhabitant’s through the reading of story books, singing of songs.

    • Explore the different creatures that live in the sea around us and how we can help protect them.

    Upcoming Events for January & February 2022

    January 4th  - Start of Winter Term

    January 10th - National Holiday 

    January 12th - Evacuation Drill 

    January 17 - 21 - Science Week

    February 7th - Cambridge Exam in Mikuni (Junior Kindy & Kindy only)

    January 30th - February 4th: Open Day 

    February 11th: National Holiday (No School)

    February 12th: Early Nursery & Nursery Parent Teacher Conference

    February 17th:  Evacuation Drill

    February 23rd: National Holiday (No School)

    February 26:  PRE/JK  Parent Teacher Conference

    Happy Birthday to Our November & December  Celebrants!

    Early Nursery:

    Miyu Yokota- December 10


    Hidetoshi Oi - December 26


    Saki Yanagida - December 23

    Registration for New Students / New Student Registration

    We would also like to welcome our new students 

    Early Nursery:

    Yuto Yoshida

    Ayame Miki


    Shion Okada


    • Science Week

    We are happy to announce our next and final week long themed event for the school year, Science Week. We encourage parents to join us as well  during our volunteer days to show a fun science themed activity, which can include doing an experiment, showing a cool science tool or reading a book about science in English or Japanese. We are so excited to teach our students about how fun and cool science can be. 

    • Cambridge  English Assessment Exam

    Kindy students from both campus will be taking their Cambridge test in February 7th in Mikuni campus. As part of test preparations, our students will be undertaking an intensive review of their Cambridge tests in January. Please continue to communicate with your class teachers for any support your child may need for this upcoming test. We are excited for this unique learning opportunity for our students to embark on. 

    • Open day

    To help prevent the spread the risk of infection, Open day schedule has been modified to make a smaller groups of parents entering our school each time. Please check your CODMON for more guidelines about this event. 

      • Parent Teacher Conferences 

      Parent Teacher Conferences will b e held from February. Please check your CODMON calendar for the schedule for each class. Early Nursery will be having their conference this time. Signing up for a date can be done online at a later time.

        • Winter clothes for Outdoor Play

        Please remember we will try to enjoy the outdoors when we can, please make sure your child has appropriate winter wear with them at school, including their winter hats. We expect our students to be creative in play and as a consequence, they do get soiled clothes after play. Please check if you have their extra set of winter clothes marked with their name in their cubbies.

        • Sick-free Winter

        Since we are going into the heavy cold and flu months, please remember to keep your child home if they have an excessively runny nose, fever, diarrhea, or vomiting. We require your child to be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school. This also applies to vomiting and diarrhea.

        For any changes in your child’s health conditions such as allergies, please provide us with more information. We want to keep everyone happy and healthy all throughout the year! 

        • Back to School in January

        School will be closed in January 3rd and classes will resume in January 4th. Please be reminded to have all your child’s belongings back to school on the first day of school next year in January 4th. 

        • Assist for Bicycle Parking

        As discussed during our coffee meeting, we will be adding an another teacher to assist our parents who go to school by bicycle from 8:45-9:00. The teacher will be around to keep monitor the bicycle parking area and to help parents as they prepare to bring their child inside the building. 

        • Our Hopes and Dreams for 2022

        There will be a wall at the entrance dedicated for posting your child’s (and yours are welcome too!)  goals for the new year. We encourage you to participate and multiple posts are allowed. Through this activity, we are supporting a growth mindset and encouraging our students to also be responsible in their growth and development. 

        Khadidrah Lloyd
        Head Teacher
        Darlin Caroline Okada
        School Principal