Solid Education for Global Communication
We learn through SOIL Learning Elements
We achieve BASUC Learning Outcome
Learning Program

Our Learning Outcome BASIC

As Educators, we believe that the early years of learning is the best time to build a strong foundation of modern skills needed to become globally-minded citizens. It is our hope to instill Aiwin's BASIC skills in our students.

  • Balanced


    Students grow into a well-rounded individual, who values our interconnection with each other and the world around us through an interdsiciplinary and whole-child approach in education.

  • Adaptable


    Students learn to be resourceful, show persistence and develop a growth mindset in face of challenges.

  • Self-confident


    Students develop a positive self-image in a nurturing environment and with dedicated teacher who celebrates a child’s uniqueness and compliments every little milestones they achieve.

  • Imaginative


    Students learn to be creative and explore an array of possibilities through role play, read aloud stories, and art activities.

  • Communicative


    Students gain the ability to engage in meaningful discussions, reflect on their ideas and express themselves in different ways, whether through daily class meeting, journal writing, science projects, artistic works, PE and Music classes.

  • RAZ
  • Headsprout
  • Seesaw
  • 石井式