Chairman of the Board

Our chairman of the board is a firm believer that education is one of our most important basic needs to be able to lead a successful and fulfilling life. Moreso, learning from early years makes a big impact in shaping a child to their fullers potentials. This is why young learners are very close to her heart. She envisions children as the future leaders of the world who are capable of making positive changes for the next generations to come. As a person who has first-hand experience in the value of international-mindedness through her work exposure and collaborations with international groups and institutions, she regards that learning English is an essential tool to become confident communicators. Understanding diversity and respecting other cultures are also critical in today's fast-changing world. It is her goal to enrich Aiwin students with BASIC skills (Balanced, Adaptable, Self-confident, Imaginative and Communicative) as a tool to become independent, responsible and globally-minded citizens. In pursuit to provide a solid foundation of education a parent can give to a child, Aiwin International School was built to offer a a unique blend of learning programs, an excellent learning facilities, and a professional team of educators. To manage school affairs and strive to improve in education and child care, our School Principal and Administrative Support Team continue to uphold our philosophy and values as a prestigious international school.


Our Staff

Aiwin International School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of students and their families, and expects all employees to share this commitment. The school has a detailed code of conduct and child protection policies and safeguarding procedures to guide its actions. All our staff and faculty undergo a rigorous recruitment and training process. As a result, we have an outstanding faculty who provide a safe, nurturing environment for our students and shares the goal of promoting high teaching standards.

Administrative andSupport Staff

  • Darlin Caroline Okada

    Darlin Caroline Okada

    School Principal

    Bachelors of Science in Human Ecology major in Family and Child Development Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
    With over ten years of teaching experience as a Licensed Teacher in Early Childhood Education, Elementary and Secondary levels; held educational leadership roles including Curriculum Coordinator; with over 4 years instructing Medical English to Medical and Health Care Professionals; Registered Nurse in the Philippines and New York. She is fond of baking, cooking, playing the guitar, flower arrangement, exploring different culture and geographies.

    Welcome to Aiwin International School where we provide a structured and purposeful international learning environment that allows our children to develop Aiwin's BASIC skills, compassion and confidence into becoming globally responsible citizens. I am truly proud to offer our school programs and curriculum that is continuously being developed to uphold child-centered, holistic and integrated approach in learning. It is a great honor for me to be a part of and lead our professional and talented team of teachers and staff who dedicate themselves in helping our young learners achieve their fullest growth and potential in every aspect of their school life.

    My professional experience gave me an opportunity to teach and train in various educational institutions where I saw how teaching methodologies and school policies could work well together to fulfill student’s learning needs. It also gave me a deeper understanding of how important it is to consider parents and caregivers as active participants in their child’s education and care. Strengthening the connection between home and school ensures a child’s success not only in school but also later on in facing bigger challenges in life. I believe that creating a balance among education, care and governance gives our children the best and most memorable educational experience.

    We continuously strive to become a premier international school that offers excellent learning facilities and well-balanced curriculum while maintaining a warm and supportive family atmosphere that has always characaterized our school. I would like to see our school become even more remarkable, with professional teachers and supportive parents on board, in inspiring our students to develop a love for learning, excellence and service to society.

    Thank you for choosing Aiwin International School. Our doors are always open to welcome you.

  • Sunao Kobayashi

    Sunao Kobayashi

    Administrative Assistant

    Japan Nursery Teacher Certification, Japan Kindergarten Teacher Certification, Early Childhood Education and Care Certificate 3 (Valid in Australia); gained five years of teaching experience in Japanese Kindergarten and international preschool; experience in Preschool in Sydney, Australia.

    It has been my pleasure to be able to spend precious time with the children, especially when they are in the stage where they establish the very basis of their wonderful journey of life. Through various exciting experiences here at Aiwin International School, we are able to interact and share a lot of meaningful moments together that I strongly believe will enrich all our lives ahead! I am very happy and excited to meet you all!

  • Arisa Minematsu

    Arisa Minematsu

    Office Coordinator

    More than four years experience in office administration; Certified medical aroma therapist; likes to play the paino, do yoga and explore different gourmet

    Nice to meet you. My name is Arisa Minematsu. After graduating university, I studied abroad in the United States for two and a half years. I learned about the connections between people and the importance of having the same identity as a Japanese by learning about various values and cultures. I hope that the children of Aiwin will reflect the wonderful culture of the Japanese people to the world and play an active role in it. In addition, I will do my best to support the communication between the school and parents so that parents can take care of their children safely.

    We look forward to seeing you all.

  • Sakiko Tsunekawa

    Sakiko Tsunekawa

    Office Coordinator

    Bachelor of Science in Foreign Studies; Japan Nursery Teacher Certification; Certification in Japanese Language Teaching; Certification Competency and Industry Counselling.

    Hello, my name is Sakiko.
    I was born in Japan and I have experience living in several different countries (U.S.A., Mexico, and China) I attended an American High School as an exchange student and a Mexican University as an exchange student as well.
    Also I spent some time studying at an institute in China.
    Consequently, I have experience with English, Spanish, and Chinese languages.
    I’ve worked in the educational field for over 12 years.

Faculty Teachers

  • Khadidrah Lloyd

    Khadidrah Lloyd

    Kindy Homeroom Teacher


  • Rikki Shepherd

    Rikki Shepherd

    Pre Homeroom Teacher


  • Manami Sadasue

    Manami Sadasue

    Nursery Homeroom Teacher


  • Noriko Koseki

    Noriko Koseki

    Early Nursery Homeroom teacher


  • Emily Genery

    Emily Genery

    Nursery Homeroom Teacher


  • Naho Yoshikawa

    Naho Yoshikawa

    Homeroom Support Teacher


  • Junko Tsujimoto

    Junko Tsujimoto

    Homeroom Support Teacher


  • Tamae Kaneko

    Tamae Kaneko

    Homeroom Support Teacher


  • Sachie Kuboshita

    Sachie Kuboshita

    Homeroom Support Teacher


  • Mica Tanaka

    Mica Tanaka

    Homeroom Support Teacher


Specialist Teachers

  • Kana Ogawa

    Kana Ogawa

    P.E Teacher


  • Katsura Kojima

    Katsura Kojima

    Music Teacher