Toyonaka Campus was recently completed to welcome its doors to students in September 2020. It is situated in a Toyonaka City, a residential area that is easy to reach through various modes of transportation. It has recently earned it’s certification as a Nursery Care Facility  in Toyonaka City. It has also been recognized as a qualified learning facility for Government Sponsored Education Benefit.  Learning spaces are designed to inspire and engage students in active discovery and open-ended activities, aligned with 21st century learning.

Our Classrooms &Learning CentersFor Resourceful Learning

All our classrooms contain an inviting and engaging learning centers and resources which the homeroom teacher intentionally uses throughout the year based on the children’s interests and areas of weakness and strength. Dramatic play center, Math manipulative center, Science center, Arts and Crafts center, Literacy center are just a few examples of what children explore at their own pace through purposeful play. Use of technology is also used in centers to enrich learning experiences through our online reading workshops, research and creative activities.

Our Library and Media Roomfor Innovative Learning

Strong literacy skills are key to academic and professional success. To support students love for reading, Aiwin offers a library containing a great collection of books, picture books, magazines and comics. The library resources are available for students to take home and share the joy of reading with their families. Our library also serves as our Media room where students engage with technology to support their 21st century skills. Students also learn from a wide range of digital reading resources through the use of our tablets and computers. Like our books, students can also access our digital reading resouces at home that helps strengthen home-school connection. Theme-related presentations are held to allow students to experience innovative learning.

Our Gym & Playgroundfor Physical Development

Physical activity extend well beyond physical health, having a positive impact on the domains of motor skills, psychological well-being, cognitive development, social competence and emotional maturity. Our students have ample of rooms for physical development both indoors and outdoors. There are two separate playgrounds where students have a wonderful time outdoor doing their daily morning exercises, PE classes, outdoor games, gardening, even pool time in the Summer.

Our Assembly RoomFor Hands-on Learning

Our assembly room offers a comfortable space for children to gather during special activities like cooking class. Equipped with a fully functional kitchen, our learners are able to explore and discover food and nutrition. During lunch time, our students share meal time with their friends, learn the value of food and practice important social manners. During daycare, it becomes a space for collaborative work and sensorial play where students learn social interaction skills.

Our Nap room & SECOMfor Safety &Comfortable learning

Children’s safety and comfort come first at Aiwin. All of our classrooms as well as entrance and playground are equipped with security cameras and connected to an internal monitoring television constantly observed by our staff. All rooms have emergency buttons connected that calls for security team. For comfortable napping, a spacious traditional Japanese-style room carpeted ith waterproof Tatami are kept clean and neat for students to rest and re-energize within the day.

Faculty Teachers

  • Jazel Santos

    Jazel Santos

    Kindy Homeroom Teacher


  • Marta Canete

    Marta Canete

    Jr. Kindy Homeroom Teacher


  • Amila Endeno

    Amila Endeno

    Homeroom Teacher


  • Diane Munyana

    Diane Munyana

    Nursery Homeroom Teacher


  • Danielle Skinner

    Danielle Skinner

    Early Nursery Homeroom Teacher


  • Patrick Tillada

    Patrick Tillada

    Homeroom Learning Support


  • Maiko Tani

    Maiko Tani

    Japanese Homeroom Support


  • Erika Sawa

    Erika Sawa

    Japanese Homeroom Support


  • Mariko Kimura

    Mariko Kimura

    Japanese Homeroom Support


Specialist Teachers

  • Kana Ogawa

    Kana Ogawa

    P.E Teacher


  • Katsura Kojima

    Katsura Kojima

    Music Teacher


Toyonaka Campus

  • Address

    2-8-3, Higashitoyonakacho, Toyonaka Shi, Osaka Fu, 560-0003

  • By train

    Subway Osaka Midosuji Line, about 15 minutes on foot from Senri chuo station
    Osaka Monorail, about 10 minutes on foot from Shoji Station, North exit

  • By car

    About 15 minutes from Shinosaka depending on traffic

  • Parking

    There are 5 parking spaces available for parent use.

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  • FAX