Parents are children's first teachers. We highly value the role parents put in our school community as both our partner and active contributor in their child's education. We encourage parents to be involved in their child's daily school life in Aiwin. There are several ways you can be part of your child's learning journey:


Every semester parents have opportunities to


Connect with our teachers and staff through CODMON, an online portal that lets you easily communicate with your child’s teachers and stay updated with your child's school life, upcoming events and important information.


Join our SEESAW app to keep you connected throughout your child’s day. Get photos, videos, and real-time updates on care, learning, and milestones. Receive supplemental activities that you and your child can do at home to help support their learning needs.

Everyday we encourage our parents to

Elementary School Support

We strive to ensure that our students academic success continue on even after they graduate from Aiwin. Benefiting from our international curricula, supportive school community, and excellent learning facilities, Aiwin graduates are accepted in either International Schools or Japanese schools of their choice and can smoothly transfer to internationally-accredited schools, such as IB schools, confidently securing a bright future.

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Swing-In Parent Site

Get an exclusive weekly access in Swing-In Parent Site where they can learn about what their child have been working on in class and understand your child's learning goals through our Class Monthly Highlights, Class Blogs and Principal's Monthly Newsletters.

Coffee Meetings with the Principal

Come join us in our Coffee Meetings with the Principal once every semester, where parents discuss important issues and share ideas and suggestions to support school-wide projects and activities.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Celebrate your child's learning progress and acheivements by participating in our Parent-Teacher Conferences twice a year (dependng on class) and get a chance to speak with your child's teacher about different ways to support their education.

Stepping Up to Kindergarten Orientation

Learn how to support your child when they transition from Nursery to Preschool level by joining our Stepping Up to Kindergarten Orientation during Summer term.

Parent Workshops

Participate in Parent Workshops to deepen your knowledge and understanding about your child's growth and development with focus on Aiwin school programs and relevant topics in early childhood education.

Join our various Academic and Family Events scheduled throughout the year which aims to strengthen the relationship of home and school, the foundation of your child's success in their educational journey in Aiwin.

We warmly welcome you to our school community!