In this class, we continue to give the students the stable routine they need while providing more encouragement for independence. Although nursery children are also taught through the use of play, songs, stories and hands-on activities in a more challenging level, they are also introduced to concepts of prints and mark-making. Perhaps, the most notable difference between Nursery and Early Nursery is that Nursery students begin to learn and use some of the academic skills that a preschool student needs such as turning pages of a book correctly and show more focus and attention on chosen activities for longer periods. They are learning to move their bodies safely through our learning spaces. They begin to understand that others may have different perspectives to their own and begins to practice sharing and taking turns. They grow more independence in eating appropriately, putting on their shoes and socks, and managing their personal hygiene. Intellectual development is rapidly developing and they learn to communicate in sentences.

Daily Routine(2 year old)

  • Short day course
  • Long day course
  • 8:00

    Morning Care / Outdoor Play

  • 8:45

    Morning Exercise

  • 9:00

    Greeting & Settling in

  • 9:15

    Circle Time

    Class greeting, Fingerplay, Calendar time,
    Daily helpers and Weekly focus on shapes, numbers, colors and letters.

  • 9:30

    Phonological Awareness

    Multi-sensory approach to learning
    English sound structure of syllables and rhymes.

  • 9:45

    Practical skills

    Toilet Training & Hand washing

  • 10:00

    Thematic Learning / Outdoor Play / Special

    Music, PE, Cooking
    Activity schedule depends on school day

  • 10:45


    Students can choose to bring
    home lunch or request for school lunch.
    Special lunches are available for allergy
    concerns and food preferences.

  • 11:30

    Practical skills & Rest periods

    Toothbrush & Nappy Change

  • 12:00

    Japanese class

    Based on Isiisiki Japanese Curriculum

  • 12:15

    Learning Centers

    Hands-on exploration of learning materials that provokes
    students curiosity and targets developmental skills.

  • 12:45

    Tidying up & Goodbye Time

    Reflection of the day and celebration
    of daily work and achievement

  • 13:00

    Goodbye Time

  • 13:00

    Nap & Rest Period

  • 15:00


  • 15:30

    Outdoor play

  • 16:00

    Extra-curricular Clubs

  • 16:30

    Afternoon Care

  • 18:00

    Goodbye Time