Our Philisophy

Our Philosophy

In Aiwin International School, we believe that the early years of learning greatly affect a child’s success in higher education and in life. These years are the best time to engage a child in rich, meaningful educational experiences and intellectually challenging opportunities that supports our learners to become confident, creative and globally-minded citizens.

Our school is proud to offer a well-balanced assortment of learning experiences with a curriculum and an environment guided by the following philosophies:

  • High quality education and care is the most valuable gift from parents to children.
  • Smart, Authentic and Interesting learning experiences inspire lifelong learners.
  • Acquiring dual-language is an important tool to realize our potential in a multi-cultural world.
  • Pride in a child’s own cultural identity is the foundation of global-mindedness.

Our Vision

“To instill in today’s children the global skills, character and resilience they need to successfully thrive in a rapidly-changing world of tomorrow.”

Our Mission

  • Instill Aiwin’s BASIC qualities in every child.
  • Provide a safe and stimulating environment for your child to grow while communicating in English as a global language.
  • Enhance your child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development through relevant content, hands-on explorations and open-ended activities.
  • Develop a long-lasting foundation in reading and writing using a research-based, synthetic approach in teaching phonology and phonics.
  • Support a strong school community where parents share the joy of their child’s educational journey.

S.O.I.L4 Elements of Successful Learning

  • Smart CurriculumLearning through an integrated and emergent curriculum.

    Aiwin curriculum features Inquisitive Learning (problem-based approach) that allows deep, firsthand exploration of topics that are of interest to children, offering different ways to learn about them. Ideas and topics are carefully thought of with contents that builds knowledge from past learning experiences. It covers all important areas of development and learning— language and literacy, science, teachnology, engineering, arts and math, social studies, physical education and music studies, and encourages higher-level thinking, development of intellectual interests, and positive approaches to learning.

  • Organic LearningLearning through exploring a stimulating environment and pursuing own interests.

    Each school day, children encounter experiences and ideas that spark their natural curiosity. Learning programs in Aiwin is in step with the natural inclination to wonder, design, and innovate, supporting confident and creative thinkers. The hands-on nature of activities taps into children’s natural curiosity, resulting in a learning environment that is both fun and intentional. Plenty of opportunities allow children to apply their acquired skills in real-life contexts, making learning meangingful and lasting.

  • Investigative ApproachLearning through project- and play-based investigations.

    Through in-depth investigations, children, as inquirers, reflect on what they already know about the topic and raise questions of what want to know more about it. Through exploration and discovery, children, as thinkers, find creative solutions and answers to their questions. Students act as a source of knowledge and is responsible in their own learning.

  • Lasting LiteracyLearning through a linguistically and culturally appropriate English program.

    It is the goal of Aiwin to build a solid foundtion of English Language Literacy with strong emphasis on Phonological Awareness. Our learners gain important skills of receptive and expressive English language acquisition and comprehension that allows them to engage in meaningful conversations and work collaboratively in the modern world of today.