Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is articulated in 4 core values.

  • High Quality Education Is The Most Valuable Gift from parents to children.
    We firmly believe that, in the future, our children could lose money, a business or a property but never good education.
  • Good Education Lasts Forever; A Gift that keeps on giving.
    We engage the children in smart, authentic and interesting learning experiences so that they can acquire the knowledge and dispositions of a lifelong learner.
  • Pride In The Child’s Own Cultural Identity Is The Foundation for Global Education.
    We consider Japan’s unique social and language background and ensure that the children are aware of what it means to be a Japanese.
  • A Passionate, Patient and Professional Teacher Is A Must
    We only welcome teachers who can easily bond with the children and never give up on them regardless of how challenging and defying they are.


Our Aim & Objectives

“To instill in today’s children the global skills they need to thrive in the ever-changing world of tomorrow.”

  • Instill Aiwin’s BASIC qualities in every child.
  • Provide a safe and happy environment for your child to grow while communicating in English as a global language.
  • Enhance your child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development using relevant and interesting content.
  • Develop a long-lasting foundation in reading and writing using a systematic approach in teaching phonology and phonics.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Balanced
    We teach the children to follow daily routines and to use an equal amount of energy to complete a range of activities in a variety of areas.
  • Adaptable
    We help the children adapt to new situations and develop a more flexible nature, be more tolerant of change and less upset when things don’t go exactly as they expect.
  • Self-confident
    We help the children create a positive self-image by nurturing them, celebrating their uniqueness and complimenting every little achievement they make.
  • Imaginative
    We play pretend games with the children, read aloud stories and fairy tales for them and expose them to new sensations, sights and sounds.
  • Communicative
    We provide the children with plenty of opportunities to express themselves verbally and physically, whether through discussions, arts and crafts activities, PE classes or games.