Amazing science show, performed by Mino Jiyu Gakuen!

Our annual science week has been such a success! We believe in an innovative approach to learning which comes from fun through lots of play based activities. When children are relaxed and stimulated by their activities their curiosity is enhanced and they are able to become active learners. At Toyonaka campus, we welcomed Mr. Ichihara, a science teacher at Mino Jiyu Gakuen, who performed an amazing science show for our children. The Pre school, Junior Kindy, and Kindy classes were totally mesmerized by Mr. Ichihara’s impressive experiments. He used many objects familiar to the children, such as balloons, beach balls, water bottles, glass and beads to show how science is hidden in our everyday life. The children were puzzled and in wonder at how he kept the ball in the air, responding to Mr.Ichihara and moving around. “How do the fish in the water bottles move on command?”, “Why doesn't the glass spill the water when Mr.Ichihara span it?”...The children were full of questions, wondering “Why?” and “How?".The science show was carefully crafted to help highlight the mystery and excitement behind science. When children learn from real life experiences, they will also be more careful in noticing and observing their surroundings. Mino- Jiyu Gakuen will mark their 100 year anniversary next year. Their motto is to create students who can learn from real experiences and become a problem solver. We witnessed their great teaching methods through this amazing science show! Thank you for this great opportunity!