Aiwin International School Junior kindy Class Highlights March 2024 Main Concepts: Causes and effects of human migration Human civilizations across time Discovery of a new world Key Questions: What is migration? Why do humans migrate? What is a civilization? How are we similar or different? How can we explore the world? How are we connected nowadays? This month we learned about… Unit of inquiry This month we have focused on the discovery part of the inquiry cycle of our IB methodology. It means that we have used our hands to make many crafts and learn more deeply about the topics we have been studying. We made a teepee, a tent in Native American culture, using cardboard and coloring it with different patterns and colors. We glued it in the shape of a tent and attached a wooden stick on it. We made a dossier to learn more things about the world. We made our passport, some riddles about African animals and a safari crossword. Moreover, students designed their own flag and learnt about some monuments around the world. Phonological Awareness We have been reviewing and improving many skills, like CVC words, vowel sounds and initial and final consonant blends. Furthermore, we have learnt about syllables and have been practicing spelling. Art and Crafts In Art class, we made a papyrus, an ancient type of paper, using an envelope and applying a mix of water and glue. After it got dry, we wrote on it using markers to create a secret message or story. We also made a model of the Colosseum, using cardboard paper, coloring and cutting it. Cooking This month we have prepared miso soup, using mushrooms and miso broth. We talked about the many ingredients we can put in miso soup and thought of a word to describe it. Science In science class, we made a model of a nebula, which is a cloud of dust and gas where new stars are born. We used materials like water, paint, cotton and glitter and mixed them in a jar to simulate a real nebula. Moreover, we did a race using cars, throwing them over slides made of cardboard to see which one was faster. The students were able to collaborate and use their imagination to place the cardboards in different angles so cars could go faster. Numeracy This month we have been reviewing addition and subtraction, as well as ordinal numbers, shapes or learning how to read hundreds and thousands. Writing journal We wrote an opinion activity where students had to choose between two options and write some reasons that support that decision. Special events Field Trip This term our field trip was to the Museum of Nature and Human activities. There we could explore and learn many things about animals, plants, fossils… There were many activities students could interact with, so it was a fun and educational trip. They were most impressed by big fossils or stuffed animals. Kindy Graduation JK students participated in the graduation in several ways. They performed a goodbye song for Kindy class, they made origami flowers to give to their Kindy friends and they attended the graduation, encouraging their friends and throwing confetti at the end of the ceremony. Songs we sang: Hello Song - Phonics song - Days of the Week - Clean up song-