Rehearsals for Sports Day Senriyama Campus

Finally, Sports Day is just around the corner!

Yesterday, we conducted a rehearsal for Sports Day at the Aiwin Senriyama campus, and the results were truly remarkable. The children displayed remarkable energy and engaged in their exercises with unwavering enthusiasm, as if it were the actual event. Activities ranged from jumping through hoops, hopping over vaults, maintaining balance on a narrow beam, navigating tunnels, to gracefully rolling on mattresses. It's worth noting that these exercises were meticulously designed to suit each child's age and abilities, and the children from all classes delivered outstanding performances.

Mr. Hashimoto, our dedicated Physical Education teacher, has been diligently guiding these young athletes since the beginning of Spring. Their journey to master each exercise was certainly time-consuming, but it's with great pride that he observes their newfound proficiency in various exercises. Mr. Hashimoto also emphasizes a vital achievement, which lies in the children's ability to follow rules and collaborate effectively. They have acquired the skill of patiently awaiting their turns, paying close attention to instructions, and smoothly transitioning through the exercises.





At Aiwin, our mission is to cultivate globally conscious individuals who will actively contribute to a better and more harmonious world. Through sports activities, children acquire the ability to think independently, solve a myriad of problems, take risks, and demonstrate resilience in the face of challenges and change. Additionally, they develop the spirit of empathy through collaboration and shared joy with their peers. These children are evolving into thinkers, caring members of the community and brave risk takers.   


We hope you can come in to witness your child’s great progress on Sports Day!