School Year 2022-23

Semester 1 spring
Welcome to another bright and promising school year!

The 2022-23 Academic Year has started smoothly and we wish to extend a warm welcome to new and returning students and families. I am pleased to announce that we begin the year with an enrollment of 50. We are thrilled to welcome both our returning and new families with open arms and open hearts. 

On behalf of all the faculty and staff of Aiwin Mikuni Campus, I hope your child has enjoyed coming to school for the first month of our Spring Semester. On a personal note, I am truly happy to see how we are bringing together a caring school atmosphere with a strong emphasis on both academic, sporting and cultural learning opportunities for our students this new school year. 2022-23 promises to be a dynamic year. We will strive to meet the needs of all our students regardless of where they are at academically or socially. Our goal for this school year is "Success for Every Child”  across our strategic priorities of learning, wellbeing, community, wider connections and sustainable future.

We believe in a culture where each child has unique skills and abilities that they can communicate in a hundred different ways. At school, students are allowed to try things and make mistakes. They are encouraged to take responsibility of their learning and make choices that will make themselves proud. Our aim is to grow children who are able to thrive in an unknown constantly changing future as well-rounded global citizens. To achieve this, reflection activities will be an integral part of our learning cycle and academic events. Assembly day will be held once a month where students will share their works and reflect on their actions to their friends, family and teachers. We are seeking to open up our options to more external and collaborative activities with external students to widen our horizon in learning and interaction. 

This year we will certainly seek your input into the International Baccalaureate Organization candidacy. We are thrilled to be given the opportunity to provide wider and stronger learning connections and possibilities for our students and their families through this exceptional educational program. 

Join us this school year in guiding our students to find their own unique path to a happy and successful school life!


Ms. Darlin Okada

School Principal