Winter concert 2023

This month our three branches held our annual Winter Concert - a celebration of our community’s talent, unity and holiday spirit!

It was wonderful to see the dedication and enthusiasm that our students have put into their incredible musical performances. In the spirit of the season, our Winter Concert’s are not only about showcasing our students’ musical prowess, but about the virtues at the core of our school community: kindness and acceptance.

As we listened to the beautiful music, we reflected on the power of these virtues to bring us together. Only by accepting and treasuring the unique voices of all the members within our community, we are able to create a harmonious environment for us all.

To the parents, family, and friends of the community in the audience, thank you for your unwavering support. Being able to share this event with you all makes it all the more special. Thank you as well to all the staff who tirelessly worked towards creating the magical Winter concert. Happy Holidays to all!