MIKUNI | Nursery | Monthly Highlights | June 2023

Aiwin International School

Nursery Class Highlights
June 2023

Upcoming Events

July 7 - Tanabata

July 13  - Evacuation Drill

July 17 - National Holiday

July 20  - JK/K field Trip

July 31 - Summer School

Class Reminders
Please put extra water refills in you kids cabbies since they tend do drink a lot during this summer term and its getting really hot recently so they need to keep being hydrated.

This month we learned about...

Theme: My Friends & Neighbors

Monthly Questions:

What are the qualities of a good friend?

Who are the community helpers?

What do I want to be when I grow up?



Phonological Awareness

This month we just continued working on our phonemes 3 letters a week that are consonants from letter C to letter K so kids can remember its much easier. We also learned simple CVC words depending on the letter we focusing on. We also started doing word segmentation so kids can get familiar on the break down of the simple sentences we use often inside the classroom.


Arts & Craft

Father’s Day Craft

The teacher provided the kids with a precut construction papers in a shape that resembles a man clothing. On the paper inside they were given freedom to draw whatever they like with the reminder that its for their fathers. Then they stick all the parts together and putting circle to act as a button as the final decoration.

Fireman Hat Craft

First the kids colored a badge template using only yellow crayon then they were tasked to stick on the red construction paper we cut in a shape of a fireman hat.

Police Car Craft

Kids were given several papers that comes in different shapes and colors and they put it together using glue sticks so they can form a police car following the guide that their teacher provided. Then they took photos in police hat and printed it so they can put it in their police car craft.

Number Pizza ( Numeracy Project )

Each one was given a carton in a shape of a pizza slice and were asked to paint it using red and yellow paint. They put red circle stickers to decorate and acts as pepperoni.



Cooking Class

This month we are assigned to explore lemon during the first week and it was kind of special as their parents were also there with them learning and joining the activity with their kids as it was also our Open Day. Together they all learned about the different parts of lemon and all the health benefits we can from it.

While on the second week we made an ice cold lemonade where the kids participated in squeezing the lemon juice and putting all the ingredients together and drank it all the way down as its perfect to our current season.


Japanese Class


Music Class

They learn music notes according to colors as the first part of their class followed by singing different kinds of nursery rhymes in english and japanese and was given different musical instruments such as maracas and bells to use while singing along in the music.


PE Class

During their physical education class they are given more challenging obstacles course in where kids are expected to do more balancing activities. More jumping course but more importantly following the rules given by their PE teacher. Kids are more engaged during this class as they enjoy being part of doing something that really enhances their gross motor skills.

Next month we are going to learn about...

Theme: From Pedalling To Flying

Children explore their relationship with other kids their age such as their friends and neighbors or classmates.

We will cover the following questions:

What are the different transportation methods?
Where does this go?(air, water, land)"
What's your favorite kind of transportation?

Some kids are expected to start toilet training and be more confident in doing things without their teachers help.